Thursday, May 10, 2012

Purples and Blues (That Make Me Swoon...)

Now that I've started this little blog, you should probably know that I'm in love with the colors periwinkle, lavender and soft blue. For some reason, those colors (either on their own or all put together), put me at ease and give me a sense of calm and serenity. Well, now that you know about my adoration for that particular color palette, it probably wouldn't be hard for you to imagine how much I would fall over (in swoon-like fashion) over the room that this post is about.This little space, both a sort of living room and office, got a makeover over at Better Homes & Gardens, where the decorators intended on creating a place that could serve as both a great workspace (for two) that can also transition into a convenient place to entertain. All of this was to bed done on a super-strict budget to, which the decorators accomplished by incorporating pieces of furniture from ikea (a college student's/small apartment dweller's go-to source for cheap furniture that's easy on the eyes). I thought this space might inspire some of you who (like me) swoon over this color palette and inspire you to create your own lavender/pale blue/periwinkle paradise (or room, or apartment…you get the idea).

This is the office/desk area (that, as noted earlier in this post, can easily be easily transformed into a bar or buffet for a dinner party or get together). 


Here's the complete layout of the space that the folks at BHG made over.

Thanks for stopping by! More posts to come soon!!!!

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